Science 10 Provincial Exam Date

All students will now be writing the Science 10 Provincial on:

Friday, June 19 from 9 am – 12 pm

See me if you can’t recall what version you signed up for.

Electronic Version – S107

Paper Version – Large Gym

Circulation Jeopardy Powerpoint (Bio 12)

Bio 12 Circulation Jeopardy

Here is the link to the jeopardy game we played today. Let me know if it doesn’t work please.

M. of M. to the Rescue (Bio 12)

Click on link below to see demo of buffering systems using milk of magnesia.

Other Fake Facebook Option (Sci 10)

For any of my grade 10’s that are frustrated with the MyFakeWall website constantly being offline, you can also go to this website called Fakebook to create your Biome Facebook Page: Hope this helps.

Cloud in a Bottle – High and Low Pressure Demo

Great demo for Science 10 weather section to show what happens when high and low pressure systems interact.

Japan’s Nulcear Disaster Rant (Sci 10)

Japan Nuclear Reactor Problem Explained (Sci 10)

Ping Pong Ball & Mouse Trap Chain Reaction (Sci 10)

Element Rap (Sci 9 & 10)

Types of Radiation (Sci 10)


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