Anatomy & Physiology 12

Daily Lesson Summary

Week of Sept 17 – 21

Mon, Sept 17: Unit 1 Review
Tues, Sept 18: Quiz: Biological Molecules, Lab: IDing Biological Molecules, Lab conclusion due Friday
Wed, Sept 19: Start Unit 2
Thurs, Sept 20: Unit Test #1: Biological Molecules
Fri, Sept 21:

Week of Sept 10 – 14

Mon, Sept 10: Review Basic Chem, Molecules and Compounds, Watch video :Ameoba Sisters “prop pf water”, make notes on Properties of Water,
Tues, Sept 11: Safety Quiz, Properties of Water Lab, conclusion due on Thurs, Sept 13
Wed, Sept 12: Functional groups, dehydration synthesis and hydrolysis, H/W: CHO Summary Sheet
Thurs, Sept 13: Go over CHO Summary Sheet, Work on Lipids Summary Sheet, H/W: Nucleic Acids Summary Sheet
Fri, Sept 14: Go over Lipids and NA Summary Sheets, Hands-On Biochem: Lipids and Nucleic Acids, H/W: Proteins Summary Sheet

Week of Sept 5 – 7

Wed, Sept 5: Course outline, safety, Ameoba Sisters “characteristics of life” video (watch and make notes)
Thurs, Sept 6: Scientific Method and Experimental Design, safety rules, safety symbols
Fri, Sept 7: ZAP activity, H/W: read section 1.1 (p. 4 – 7) and answer questions #1 – #4, #5 optional, Reminders: safety quiz on Tuesday, Sept 11.