Science Probe 9 – Sections 4.4 and 4.5

  • sections have been scanned and include CYU questions.

WS AK – Cells from Cells Review

  • answer key for unit review

Sci 9 Biology game board questions

  • includes all the board game questions. Last page of the file has the answer key.

Internet Resources:

Introduction to Cells – The Grand Cell Tour (Ameoba Sisters)

  • 9.26 min animation reviewing structures in plant and animal cells

Mitosis (Ameoba Sisters)

  • 8:26 min animation introducing cell cycle and mitosis

Interactive Cell Model (Cells Alive)

  • interactive animation of mitosis in animal cells

Mytosis & Cytokinesis – McGraw-Hill

  • animation

Mitosis – Sumanas Inc

  • animation

Cell Cycle & Mitosis

  • 6:20 minute animation of the cell cycle and mitosis

Mitosis Quiz – Biology Corner

  • 10 question multiple choice quiz

Mitosis Quiz #2 – Biology Corner

  • 10 question multiple choice quiz (a few questions use terms that we haven’t covered but it shouldn’t affect your answer)

What is Cancer? – Bozeman Science

  • 6:54 minute screencast on cancer

How Meiosis Works – McGraw-Hill

  • animation

Comparison of Meiosis and Mitosis – McGraw- Hill

  • animation

Meiosis Quiz – Biology Corner

  • 8 question multiple choice quiz

Phases of Meiosis – Bozeman Science

  • 8:25 minute screencast on meiosis

Chromosome Numbers during Division (Ameoba Sisters)

  • 5:46 min animation explaining how chromosomes are counted

Karyotypes & Chromosomal Disorders

  • 9:59 minute screencast on karyotypes, nondisjunction, and chromosomal mutations