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Science 9 – Electricity Unit Test Outline

Format: 30 multiple Choice, 27 marks in the short answer. Test is out of 57 marks total and will have some optional challenge questions.

Topics: vocabulary, schematic diagrams, graphing and slope calculation, ohm’s law, rules for calculating voltage, current, and resistance in series vs parallel circuits

Date: Monday, October 29


Science 10 – Genetics Unit Test Outline

Format: 20 multiple choice, 9 questions in the short answer (39 marks), Test is out of 59 marks total

Topics: vocabulary, 4 types of inheritance patterns (complete, incomplete, multiple alleles, sex-linked), dihybrid crosses, pedigrees, natural selection, questions based on your chosen genetic disease.

Date: Tuesday, October 23

Process Skills Test (Sci 9)

Format: 35 Marks in Short Answer Format

Topics: inference vs observation, graphing, scientific method and experimental design, metric conversions, dimensional analysis, and scientific notation

Quiz Date: Monday, Oct 1


Safety Quiz – Science 9/10, A & P 12

Format: 30 Multiple Choice Questions

Topics: Lab safety features, safety rules, safety symbols, common lab equipment (Excluding A & P 12)

Quiz Date:

Science 9 on Monday, Sept 10

Science 10, A & P 12 on Tuesday, Sept 11