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M. of M. to the Rescue (Bio 12)

Click on link below to see demo of buffering systems using milk of magnesia.


Cloud in a Bottle – High and Low Pressure Demo

Great demo for Science 10 weather section to show what happens when high and low pressure systems interact.

Japan’s Nulcear Disaster Rant (Sci 10)

Japan Nuclear Reactor Problem Explained (Sci 10)

Ping Pong Ball & Mouse Trap Chain Reaction (Sci 10)

Element Rap (Sci 9 & 10)

Types of Radiation (Sci 10)

In honour of Mole Day on Sunday, Oct 23

Gummi Bear Torture Chamber (Sci 10)

Great example of a decomposition reaction (heated KClO3) and combustion reaction (addition of gummi bear).

Flame Tests

Demonstration showing some of the different colours produced by metal ions with a flame test.