Science 10

Lesson Summary

Week of May 29 – June 1

Tuesday, May 29: Reaction Types Day 3

Wednesday, May 30: Reaction Types Lab

Thursday, May 31: Reaction Types Lab cont., Chapter 5/6 Review

Friday, June 1: Endothermic/Exothermic Reactions Notes, Chapter 5/6 Review

Week of May 22 – 25

Tuesday, May 22: Introduction to Acids/Bases/pH Scale/Indicators

Wednesday, May 23: Act 5-1B: Properties of Acids and Bases

Thursday, May 24: Reaction Types Day 1

Friday, May 25: Reaction Types Day 2

Week of May 14 – 18

Monday, May 14: Balancing Equations Day 3

Tuesday, May 15: Quiz: Balancing Equations, Pre-lab for Act 4-3B

Wednesday, May 16: Act 4-3B: Observing Chemical Change

Thursday, May 17: Chapter 4 Review

Friday, May 18: Chapter 4 Test, Naming/Formula Writing for Acids

Week of May 7 – May 11

Monday, May 7: Write conclusion for Playland assignment, Review Nomenclature

Tuesday, May 8: Go over LOCM Lab #1, Pre-lab for Hydrogen Gas Lab

Wednesday, May 9: Hydrogen Gas Lab

Thursday, May 10: Balancing Equations Day 1

Friday, May 11: Balancing Equations Day 2

Week of Apr 30 – May 3

Monday, Apr 30: Nomenclature Day 3, Quiz #1

Tuesday, May 1: Word Equations, Mass of Reactants and Products Pre-lab, Playland Assignment

Wednesday, May 2:  Mass of Reactants and Products lab, Quiz #2

Thursday, May 3: Playland Fieldtrip

Week of Apr 23 – Apr 27

Monday, Apr 23: Organization of the Periodic Table

Tuesday, Apr 24: Ion Formation, Bohr Models for Ionic/Covalent Compounds

Wednesday, Apr 25: Lewis Diagrams for Ionic/Covelent Compounds, Act 4-1B: Modelling Compounds

Thursday, Apr 26: Nomenclature Day 1

Friday, Apr 20: Nomenclature Day 2

Week of Apr 16 – Apr 20

Monday, Apr 16: Video on Energy Use in Society

Tuesday, Apr 17: Review class

Wednesday, Apr 18: Calculations quiz #2, Debrief video questions

Thursday, Apr 19: Energy Unit Test

Friday, Apr 20: Roller Coaster Lab Practical, Start Chemistry unit

Week of Apr 9 – Apr 13

Monday, Apr 9: Roller Coaster Build Day 1

Tuesday, Apr 10: Roller Coaster Build Day 2

Wednesday, Apr 11:Roller Coaster Build Day 3

Thursday, Apr 12: Quiz, Roller Coaster Build Day 4

Friday, Apr 13: Roller Coaster Presentations Day, Reminders: Unit Test on Thursday, Apr 19, Lab Practical on Friday, Apr 20

Week of Apr 3 – Apr 6

Tuesday, Apr 3: Roller coaster pre-build activity

Wednesday, Apr 4: Introduction to calculating KE and PE using formulas

Thursday, Apr 5: Calculating Mech E using KE and PE formula

Friday, Apr 6: Introduction to Roller Coaster Project

Week of Mar 12 – Mar 16

Monday, Mar 12: Genetics Project Presentations, Reminders: Unit Test on Tues, Mar 13

Tuesday, Mar 13: Unit Test – Genetics

Wednesday, Mar 14: Forms and Classes of Energy Card Sort Activity

Thursday, Mar 15: Energy Transformations Stations Activity

Friday, Mar 16: Energy of A Bouncing Ball Lab, Reminders: Bouncing Ball Lab Report due on Wednesday, April 4

Week of Mar 5 – Mar 9

Monday, Mar 5: Human Pedigrees

Tuesday, Mar 6: Creating Animation Characters Lab Activity

Wednesday, Mar 7: Natural Selection Lab Activity

Thursday, Mar 8: Genetics Review Class #1, Reminders: Presentations on Mon, Mar 12, Unit Test on Tues, Mar 13

Friday, Mar 9: Genetics Review Class #2, Reminders: Presentations on Mon, Mar 12, Unit Test on Tues, Mar 13

Week of Feb 26 – Mar 2

Monday, Feb 26: Choose topics for Disease Research Project, Co-Dominance & Multiple Alleles

Tuesday, Feb 27: Library for Research

Wednesday, Feb 28: Sex-Linked Traits

Thursday, Mar 1: iPads for Research

Friday, Mar 2: Catch-up class (Kahoot for review, return assignments, go over answers, etc…)

Week of Feb 19 – Feb 23

Monday, Feb 19: Introduce Genetics Unit, Simple Traits Activity

Tuesday, Feb 20: Vocab Introduction, Pipe Cleaner Chromosomes Activity

Wednesday, Feb 21: Complete Dominance

Thursday, Feb 22: Incomplete Dominance, Reminders: Quiz on Complete/Incomplete Dominance on Friday, Feb 23

Friday, Feb 23: Quiz on Complete/Incomplete Dominance and Vocabulary, Beautiful Babies lab

Week of Feb 13 – Feb 15

Tuesday, Feb 13: Review for Unit Test, Reminders: Process Skills Unit Test on Thursday, Feb 15

Wednesday, Feb 14: Pendulum Lab (due Monday, Feb 19), Reminders: Process Skills Unit Test on Thursday, Feb 15

Thursday, Feb 15: Process Skills Unit Test

Week of Feb 5 – Feb 9

Monday, Feb 5: Metric Conversions and Dimensional Analysis

Tuesday, Feb 6: MC, DA, and Scientific Notation

Wednesday, Feb 7: Graphing Assignment (due Friday, Feb 9), Reminders: Quiz on MC, DA, and SN on Thursday, Feb 8

Thursday, Feb 8: MC, DA, and SN Quiz, Conclusion Writing Using CER Format

Friday, Feb 9: Pre-lab for Pendulum Lab, Reminders: Process Skills Unit Test on Thursday, Feb 15

Week of Jan 29 – Feb 2

Monday, Jan 29: Course outline, safety, safety quiz on Friday, Feb 2

Tuesday, Jan 30: Scientific method, experimental design, Simpson’s Science (p. 1/2), Reminder:  safety quiz on Friday, Feb 2

Wednesday, Jan 31 (PLC): Simpson’s Science (p. 3), Lab Equipment cut/paste, Reminder:  safety quiz on Friday, Feb 2

Thursday, Feb 1: How to write a proper procedure activity, Reminder:  safety quiz on Friday, Feb 2

Friday, Feb 2: Collected Lab Equipment Cut/Paste and Simpson’s Science, Safety Quiz, Observations vs Inferences