Unit 4 – DNA, Protein Synthesis, Enzymes & Biotechnology


WS AK – Protein Synthesis Summary

WS AK – DNA PS Enymes and Metabolism Review 1

WS AK – DNA Protein Synthesis Review Study Guide

Internet Resources:

DNA Replication – Bozeman Science

  • 10:09 minute screencast on structure of DNA and steps for replication

DNA Replication – Wiley

  • step through animation with interactive sections from college textbook “Essential Biochemistry”

RNA’s Role in the Central Dogma

  • interactive image for types and roles of RNA from the University of Utah Health Sciences

The Cellular Factory – PBS

  • 3:48 minute NOVA video clip on transcription, translation, and the role of RNA

Transcription & Translation – Bozeman Science

  • 11:56 minute screencast on steps in protein synthesis

Transcribe and Translate a Gene

  • practice with transcription and translation from the University of Utah Health Sciences

What Makes a Firefly Glow?

  • A walk through protein synthesis from the University of Utah Health Sciences

Prions – On the Trail of Killer Proteins

  • What are killer proteins and how are they transmitted from the University of Utah Health Sciences

RNA VirtuaLab – PBS

  • The Eterna project is a multiplayer online game where players design RNA molecules.

Enzymes – Bozeman Science

  • 11:51 minute screencast on enzyme models and factors that affect functions

Enzymes – Ameoba Sisters

  • 5:46 minute animation on enzymes

Gel Electrophoresis

  • 8:08 minute animation on gel electrophoresis

Biotechnology – The Tools of the Trade

  • Below are the links for the 5 biotechnology activities. Some are flash based or require shockwave to work. On an iPad, use the Puffin app. Shockwave will not work on an iPad. The DNA fingerprinting activity is actually a 6 min video recording as the simulation has disappeared from PBS

Gel Electrophoresis

DNA Fingerprinting

Transgenic Organisms