Notes/ Worksheets:


Internet Resources:

Webquest Links (in order)

Food Chains

Food Webs


Bill Nye the Science Guy on Wind

  • 1:53 min video clip on wind

The Great Ocean Conveyor Belt

  • 1:06 min video clip on ocean currents

Biomagnification and the Trouble with Toxins

  • 6:38 min video with examples

Cow Farts Blow up a Barn

  • 3:31 min video on methane buildup

What are Carbon Sinks – Sustainability

  • 2:00 min video on natural and artificial carbon sinks

The Threat of Invasive Species – CBS

  • 9:46 min video clip on Asian Silver Carp, Kudzu, and African Land Snails and the effects on ecosystems

5 Human Impacts on the Environment

  • 10:37 min video on human impacts

Biomes Review

  • Use this tutorial to review the location, climate, and vegetation of biomes.

Biomes Flashcards

  • Use this site to practice/print out biome flashcards to help you learn their characteristics.

25 Insane Animal Adaptations

  • 5:32 minute video highlighting various adaptations (structural, physiological, and behavioural) that animals use to survive and reproduce in their environment.

Food Chains, Trophic Levels and Energy Flow in an Ecosystem

  •  9:21 minute video showing how food chains and food webs are related in a desert ecosystem.

Nitrogen Cycle

  • 1:24 minute video on the Nitrogen Cycle.

Nitrogen & Phosphorus Cycle – Crash Course

  • 9:21 minute video on cycles.

Understanding Bioaccumulation

  • 10:51 minute video explaining bioaccumulation and biomagnification.

Biodiversity – Bozeman Science

  • 7:35 minute video on biodiversity and keystone species.

Keystone Species

  • 4:00 minute video on keystone species and their role in ecosystems.

Ecological Succession Activity

  • Activity allowing you to explore primary and secondary succession and related terms.

Ecological Succession – Bozeman Science

  • 6:20 minute screencast on ecological succession.


  • 2:02 minute video shows how a single population can split and over time develop into 2 or more species.

Ecosystems on the Edge

  • website from SERC that goes over invasive species and impact on ecosystems. Has several video links.

Invasion of the Snakeheads

  • 3:38 minute video by National Grographic Wild on invasive fish from Asia.