Unit 3 – Cells & Membrane Transport


WS AK – Cellular Organelles Chart

WS AK – Cell Structures and Functions Review

WS AK – Cells and Membrane Transport Review 2

Internet Resources: 

Tour of the Cell – Bozeman Science

  • 14:16 minute screencast of different types of microscopes, types of cells, and cellular organelles

Cellular Organelles – Bozeman Science

  • 9:37 minute screencast on cellular organelles

Inner Life of the Cell – Harvard University

  • 3:12 minute animation showing inside of the cell

Why are Cells Small? – Bozeman Science

  • 5:44 minute screencast on limits to cell size

Cell Size Limitations

  • 2:44 minute video showing SA:V limitations using agar and phenolphthalien

Cell Membrane – Bozeman Science

  • 11:03 minute screencast on cell membrane and transport proteins

Types of Proteins – University of Utah Health Sciences

  • talks about the various types of proteins and their functions

Transport Across Cell Membranes – Bozeman Science

  • 13:57 minute screencast on transport mechanisms

Cell Transport – Ameoba Sisters

  • 7:49 min animation of transport mechanisms

Osmosis Demo – Bozeman Science

  • 4:27 minute screencast on osmosis and tonicity

Osmosis: A Solute & Solvent Love Story – Ameoba Sisters

  • 9:27 minute animation on osmosis and tonicity