Science 9

Daily Lesson Summary

Week of Sept 17 – 21

Mon, Sept 17: Metrics and Scientific Notation, Kahoot, Determining the scale on a grid, Quiz Tuesday, Sept 18 on metrics and sci. not.
Tues, Sept 18: Quiz: metrics, DA, and Sci Not, Graphing Activity
Wed, Sept 19:
Thurs, Sept 20:
Fri, Sept 21:

Week of Sept 10 – 14

Mon, Sept 10: Safety board game, safety quiz, experimental design practice sheet
Tues, Sept 11: Inferences vs Observations
Wed, Sept 12: Procedure Build Activity
Thurs, Sept 13: Metric conversions and Dimensional Analysis
Fri, Sept 14: Scientific Notation

Week of Sept 5 – 7

Wed, Sept 5: Course outline, safety
Thurs, Sept 6: Review of Scientific Method, Experimental Design, Safety Quiz on Monday, Sept 10
Fri, Sept 7: Lab equipment cut/paste, Reminder: Safety Quiz on Monday, Sept 10