Unit 2 – Biological Molecules & Compounds


Biological MoleculesSummary Carbohydrates

Biological MoleculesSummary Lipids

Biological MoleculesSummary Protein

Biological MoleculesSummary Nucleic Acids

Chemistry of Cells Diagrams

Chemistry of Cells Questions

Chemistry of Cells Answer Key

WS – Cell Compounds and Bio Mole Review

Cell Compounds and Bio Molecules Answer Key

Raycroft Unit 2 Review

Raycroft Review Answers Unit 2

Internet Resources:

Chemistry Now – Chemistry of Water

  • 4:46 minute video on properties of water by National Science Foundation

Properties of Water – Ameoba Sisters

  • 6:50 minute animation about properties of water

Water : A Polar Molecule – Bozeman Science

  • 8:36 minute screencast on properties of water

Hydrolysis and Dehydration Synthesis – Ricochet Science

  • 1:51 video on process of hydrolysis and dehydration (condensation) synthesis

Biomolecules – Ameoba Sisters

  • 8.12 minute animation detailing the 4 types of biological macromolecules

Biological Molecules – Bozeman Science

  • 15:19 minute screencast on 4 types of biological molecules.

Carbohydrates – Bozeman Science

  • 8:48 minute screencast on carbohydrates.

Lipids – Bozeman Science

  • 7:04 minute screencast on lipds

Proteins – Bozeman Science

  • 9:15 minute screencast on proteins

Nucleic Acids – Bozeman Science

  • 7:59 minute screencast on nucleic acids


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