Unit 2 – Biological Molecules & Compounds


Biological MoleculesSummary Carbohydrates

Biological MoleculesSummary Lipids

Biological MoleculesSummary Protein

Biological MoleculesSummary Nucleic Acids

Chemistry of Cells Diagrams

Chemistry of Cells Questions

Chemistry of Cells Answer Key

Biological Molecules Review Worksheet

Cell Compounds and Bio Molecules Answer Key

Internet Resources:

Chemistry Now – Chemistry of Water

  • 4:46 minute video on properties of water by National Science Foundation

Properties of Water – Ameoba Sisters

  • 6:50 minute animation about properties of water

Water : A Polar Molecule – Bozeman Science

  • 8:36 minute screencast on properties of water

Hydrolysis and Dehydration Synthesis – Ricochet Science

  • 1:51 video on process of hydrolysis and dehydration (condensation) synthesis

Biomolecules – Ameoba Sisters

  • 8.12 minute animation detailing the 4 types of biological macromolecules

Biological Molecules – Bozeman Science

  • 15:19 minute screencast on 4 types of biological molecules.

Carbohydrates – Bozeman Science

  • 8:48 minute screencast on carbohydrates.

Lipids – Bozeman Science

  • 7:04 minute screencast on lipds

Proteins – Bozeman Science

  • 9:15 minute screencast on proteins

Nucleic Acids – Bozeman Science

  • 7:59 minute screencast on nucleic acids


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